Corman Communications Services

Establish your message. Then spread the word.

Corman Communications works with each client to take their company from where they are today to where they want to be. There's no one-size-fits-all recipe for success. Our flexible structure enables us to match the best mix of services to your needs.

Planning and Message Development

How do you compare with competitors and their products in your customers' minds? Successful messaging begins with internal agreement on what your company represents. We first help you look inside, then we develop your messages so that you can step up in your industry and away from your competitors.

Editorial Services

Messages are more than just words. How you communicate your messages depends on who you want to reach and how you plan to reach them. Whether it's a press release, white paper, contributed article, presentation, or brochure, our experienced writers know how to use words to your best advantage.

Analyst Relations

Market analysts shape industry opinion, and they can make or break your company's reputation. You want to know these experts, and you want them to know you. We have established relationships of mutual respect with influential analysts at all of the leading firms, making us uniquely qualified to put you in the best light before this pivotal audience.

Media Relations

Strong relationships with print and broadcast reporters and editors enable us to generate coverage for your products and services. Corman Communications develops campaigns for national publications, trade journals, television, radio, or Internet media that garner maximum press coverage. We can also produce "fast-response" programs in reaction to competitors' announcements, positive industry developments, or negative news that may affect your positioning.

Spokesperson Training

Sometimes the talents required to run a successful enterprise do not include the skills needed to work convincingly with the media. Our media training sessions are not designed to produce media superstars; they are designed to teach senior mangers and executives how to confidently and persuasively communicate in a variety of media situations.

Contributed Articles

Corman-produced contributed articles range from business-level opinion pieces to highly technical articles that have been accepted by noteworthy industry publications. Our extensive experience in writing and placing contributed articles makes it easier for you to become known as a thought leader.

Speaking Opportunities

Choosing the venue for your message is almost as important as the message itself. We help you identify the most strategic opportunities for you to deliver your message to the people who need to hear them.


Customers notice awards. Our clients have been recognized by analyst firms, conference organizers, and publications, enhancing their trophy case and their stock with customers.

Event Marketing & Planning

Handled correctly, a simple, well-publicized event can bring all of a company's critical audiences together, including customers, partners, investors, analysts, regulators, politicians, journalists, and others. Corman Communications has organized and promoted events that shine the spotlight on clients and their products.

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